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Georgia Farm, Ranch and Plantation Lifestyle

Nestled in central and north Georgia are many farms and plantations rich with history and grandeur. While Atlanta is certainly a bustling city, many residents prefer a more rural retreat to call home or even visit only on weekends to escape the city. Sitting on a pristine wraparound porch, sipping sweet tea and overlooking acres of rolling green land and pastures dotted with a variety of sturdy trees is what many experience on the farms in Georgia.

From the early 1830s through the 1930s, cotton plantations were king in our region. Any flat area of land was plowed and made clear to incorporate the crop and many plantations shot up to maintain the agriculture. However, the open spaces soon led to erosion and leaching of the land’s soil nutrients. In just a few short decades the top soils had washed out into the local water ways.

Once the soil ran dry in the 1930s, pine timberlands became the primary agricultural focus as they could survive the poor soils. In the 1960s, a large urban growth began and many people moved to the cities and transformed farm land into growing urban sprawl.

Cities like Madison, Eatonton and Monroe are filled with farms surrounded by expansive acreage ideal for those searching for majestic scenery of their own plantation. With many of these sprawling farms just one to two hours away from the bustling capital city of Atlanta, these estates offer the best of both worlds. With direct flights to and from Asia, Europe and South America, Atlanta is easily accessible to thousands of international businesses and many Fortune 500 companies.

Whether you are looking for a weekend retreat from the city or a permanent home with acres of land and wildlife, the plantations and farms dotted across the landscape of Georgia provide retreats from busy city life. While you may not know where to begin your search or what area you wish to explore, you have come to the right place. At GeorgiaFarmandRanch.com, we are familiar with all the areas surrounding Atlanta, North Georgia and Central Georgia. We are members are multiple MLS systems and have access to the most desirable and coveted listings. Through or network of agents and contacts, we will work diligently to find the perfect property for your needs.